GreenChem, the original license holder of the name AdBlue, are an innovative producer of AdBlue and the hardware required to dispense safely into your vehicles.

They have been providing AdBlue to the commercial industry, trucks and buses since 2004. The AdBlue solution reduces harmful emissions from heavy duty diesel engines using the SCR technology in order for the vehicle to comply with the stringent Euro emission levels.

GreenChem work towards a greener future and a cleaner environment. As the major supplier of AdBlue worldwide they offer high quality AdBlue and AdBlue equipment for the market.

Did you know that…?

  • GreenChem is the UK’s largest and oldest manufacturer of AdBlue.
  • GreenChem is the second largest supplier of AdBlue in the world.
  • GreenChem is the only company in the world that is completely devoted to AdBlue.
  • GreenChem has a wide variety of dispensing systems made especially for AdBlue.
  • GreenChem has more than 25 production facilities in Europe, seven in the UK.
  • GreenChem has more than 2,000 dealers in its distribution network across Europe.
  • It offers full national UK coverage, with 22 dedicated bulk tankers and 11 packed distribution centres.

They are a specialist in AdBlue and AdBlue solutions and they are proud to be so.

Target Fuels and Machinery are proud to be associated with them.


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