The coronavirus pandemic is having a significant impact across all sectors and industries.

Dan Ferretti, Managing Director of Target Fuels & Machinery, discusses what measures he has taken to safeguard staff and customers and adhere to Government guidelines…

What has the last few weeks been like for you as a business?
The latter part of March was manic as people anticipated the lockdown coming and started panic buying their fuel and AdBlue. April immediately started off with a whimper as many businesses were forced to close, meaning there were few orders coming through the door.

What changes have you had to implement?
Very few, to be honest. As a business that exists to assist the haulage industry first and foremost, we are in a position to still deliver our products. However, if there are far fewer companies operating during this time, then we won’t have anything to deliver. As with everyone, personal and professional, we will continue to monitor the situation closely.

How are you adhering to Government guidelines – from a staff point of view?
As a company of only three employees, it has been very simple. Dan works alone in the office full time, while Stewart and Charles are on the road either delivering or making sales calls. For the past two weeks, Charles has been self isolating (for precautionary reasons) so it’s only been Stewart on the ‘shop floor’, as it were. Now Charles is back, he will either be on sales calls or covering for Stewart on deliveries when he’s away, so distancing isn’t an issue.

How are you adhering to Government guidelines – from a customer point of view?
Since late March, we have been delivering but not asking for signatures, simply writing COVID in the signature section. Other than that, we seldom see customers when we deliver.

What would be your message to customers at this time?
The same as it would be to everyone – this will pass. It’s possible that it may make us different people at the end of it, but the same requirements will be there.  So just be patient, respect the guidelines and trust that it will work out in the end.

How do you think this pandemic will affect your industry?
It may actually improve certain aspects of the industry. There are some out there who, in the past, have operated without the requisite licences and equipment. It mean that only those companies who operate correctly will survive.