AdBlue for Commercial Vehicle Fleets – Target Fuels

Whether you run a haulage yard or have a small fleet of LGVs, Adblue is essential for keeping your vehicles on the road and compliant with rules on emissions.  In short it helps keep your vehicles roadworthy.  We supply AdBlue for comercial vehicles fleets and a range of other products such as diesels, kerosene and engine oils.

What is AdBlue?

AdBlue is the trade name for a type of diesel exhaust fluid that’s stored in a separate tank from your lorry fuel supply. When the vehicle’s engine is running, very small amounts of AdBlue are squirted onto the exhaust gas produced, turning NOx into nitrogen and water and this reduces emissions in diesel vehicles.  AdBlue is both safe and non-flammable and turns harmful emissions into harmless nitrogen & steam

AdBlue ensure cleaner emissions, so less smog and acid rain

If your vehicle is equipped with SCR technology you will probably already know that AdBlue SCR technology and AdBlue convert harmful emission into harmless nitrogen and steam. You will also be aware of the importance of Adblue in ensuring your vehicle is both roadworthy and compliant with emission’s legislation.

AdBlue also helps reduce fuel consumption in SCR equipped vehicles by as much as 5%

AdBlue can reduce diesel fuel consumption of SCR equipped vehicles, such as lorries, by up to 5%.  It’s totally safe, effective, non-flammable and reduces emissions in a cost-effective way that saves you money. As a result, it’s extensively used by hauliers and industries with fleets of diesel fuelled vehicles.

You get cleaner emissions from diesel vehicles by using SCR technology and AdBlue and this means smog and acid rain-related environmental issues. All major European and North American truck manufacturers currently offer SCR equipped lorry and truck models.

Target Fuels can deliver Adblue to your yard in a variety of quantities including 10 litre cans, 20 litre boxes, 205 litre barrels, 1,000 litre IBCs, or unlimited supplied directly into an on-site tank. We can even supply all the pipes and pumps needed for efficient distribution of AdBlue at your yard.

To complement our vast range of AdBlue, we also offer the following products for commercial vehicle fleets:


  • Engine OilAdblue diesel additive for lorries and truck from Target Fuels Essex
  • Hydraulic Oil
  • Gear Oil
  • Transmission Fluid
  • Anti-freeze
  • Traffic film remover
  • Screen Wash
  • Grease


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